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Fundraising with Cooke Tavern Soups
Earn Up To 50% For Your Organization

We make it easy for your organization to offer a healthy high quality product that your members will be proud to sell and the final customers will actually want to use and enjoy!

Get in touch with us using the form on the Contact Us page -or- feel free to call us on our toll-free number at 866-422-7687. We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you to have a wonderful fundraiser!

Our mission is to provide a fundraising product that you can sell year after year by building an ever-increasing customer following with each successive fundraiser.

About our Soups

Cooke Tavern Soups has helped many schools, sports teams, church groups and many other non-profit organizations meet their fundraising goals by selling our delicious and nutritious products. Some groups choose to have their membership use the order forms (which are supplied free of charge) to individually sell the products and others have a one day event where they sample the soups, take orders and then supply the wonderful product.

Because we are selling the soups to your organization at a wholesale/special rate, we cannot offer free shipping for fundraisers.

If it is convenient, you are welcome to pick up your order at our facility in Spring Mills, PA.

Our gourmet recipes are easy to prepare and offer only the finest freeze-dried and all natural ingredients. Our product offers:

  • No salt, preservatives, or MSG

  • All vegetarian mixes

  • Many mixes are gluten free to accommodate for dietary challenges¬†

It's Easy to Sell; Easy to Earn!

We are putting our 10 years of experience marketing our gourmet soup mixes into each fundraiser by offering a special 4 for $30.00 soup sampler deal!

We keep it simple; our price to you is $3.95 for each soup mix. Your organization sells them at $8.00 each or any four for $30.00 and earns between $3.55 to $4.05 each! (Depending on the mix of single vs. 4 for $30.00 orders.) We have found that this special offer will increase your individual order sales by as much as 50%.

Together with a 50% profit margin, it makes for record fundraiser sales for your organization!

Fundraising Support

We support your organizations with a simple, thorough sales plan. We provide you with personalized assistance in product selections, sales tips, literature and samples. We even provide the order forms and samples at no cost to you!

Request free information on Cooke Tavern Soups fundraising by clicking here now.


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